Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hey Babe, Take A Walk on the Wild Side

This morning was the Walk on the Wild Side 5k to benefit the San Diego Zoo. It was a "race" only in that there was a start/finish line and we did probably walk 5k. Other than that, it bore no semblance to a race. It was more a stroll through the zoo.

We started early, 7:30 a.m. That's actually the best time to visit the zoo. Most of the animals have night jobs as hunters, If you go during the heat of the day all the cool animals are asleep. This morning even some of the big cats were awake and walking around. The zoo staff also had a bunch of animals out in the crowds so that you could pet them.

We dawdled in the zoo so long that we almost completely missed the food and goodies they had after the "race". Poor Steve had to listen to me recite nearly every animal fact that I learned watching Animal Planet with my nieces. It's fabulous to have one of the worlds greatest zoos down the street from my house.

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