Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Kingdom for a Physical Address!

I navigate San Diego by GPS. Always. If you ever need to move to a new city, buy yourself a Garmin for your car. You will never regret it.

Every week, the TNT team meets at a different location - that's cool since I'm getting to see a lot of San Diego on foot. Sometimes the TNT team meets at places where there isn't a physical address. We do always get directions. Without an address I can't use my GPS. Then I get lost. Normally, being lost doesn't bug me, but when I'm late it turns me into a rage-a-holic. (Add that to the fact, that it was 8 In The Morning. Why with the early, early morn?) I was sure I'd missed the team, but I got there in the nick of time.

Great walk around UCSD where I'm starting another graduate degree soon, so I was happy to get a chance to see the campus. Heather and I trotted out 8 miles. It was fun - we gabbed the entire way. Not so good for the pace, but great for the morale.

After the session, the team went out to Pacifica Breeze for breakfast. Let me tell you about the Brie Omelet. Actually, I can't tell you. You'd drown in your own saliva. It's that good. Brie Omelet will be the name of my first born daughter.

Tonight I meet Heather for a drink in Ocean Beach. And she very thoughtfully provided the physical address, BUT my Garmin couldn't find it. (Every once in awhile that happens and it irks.) I was super, super late, but I had a great time once I finally got there. What I love about bars here is that there's no smoking. It rocks.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Go Team!

I was out today blazing up and down the hills in Balboa Park. Man, I love this park.

And of course I was decked out in my TNT shirt. Mostly because it's made of the coolmax fabric which is unbeatable. Moisture wicking is my new best friend. I need to get some more of these.

As I was hauling up the nasty hill to the Zoo someone drove by and yelled - GO TEAM! Whenever you see another TNT participant training, you're supposed to cheer them on with a "Go Team!" While it's a bit dorky, I'm always touched when people cheer each other on during training. When I pass by someone in their garb, I always smile and give them the "Go Team!"

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lake Miramar Hates Me

And I'm not its biggest fan either.

I had a really good week of training. It must be my fabulous new shoes. It took me 4o minutes to figure out the Yankz laces. PITA - but I never need to tie my shoes again.

Maybe I was dehydrated. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe I need to eat more carbs. It was a 7 mile workout and the last mile and a half I wanted to be unwell. My head hurt and my stomach was queasy. I felt awful. If Linda hadn't keep me moving at a decent pace I would have just stopped entirely.

After the workout we chowed down at Mimi's. There was quite a bit of waiter flirting and someone came home with a waiter's phone number.

Then I went home and had a blinding headache. Blinding. I chugged a ton of water and went to sleep for a few hours.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Eventually, It All Leads to Shopping

At Debbie's advice I decided to visit the San Diego Running Institute to purchase some new running shoes. Awesome experience.

First, let me tell you why I'm an idiot. I knew that they were going to measure my feet and instead of wearing some sensible trousers I wore a knee length skirt. A nice full skirt. The boy who fitted me for the shoes probably got a horrifying looksee at my blinding-white thighs. Eyes Down! Eyes Down!

They measure your feet, your instep, your arch. They ask your height and weight - I lied by about 10 pounds. You walk across this sensor mat that measures the pressure in your foot. According the SDRI - I have a very high arch and narrower feet. My tooties are a size larger than I want to buy. It's a big size that I won't even discuss. I made him remeasure 3x. Skis - my feet are practically skis.

At the end of all that, he brought me three pairs of shoes. Every single one of them was more comfortable than any running shoe I've ever worn. The Saucony Trigon 3 Guide was the most comfortable. Fabulous, fabulous shoe.

I also bought a Garmin 205m Yankz laces, and an RPI Stick. SDRI and lots of running stores offer great discounts to Team in Training so it wasn't too painful to my wallet. Eventually, it all leads to shopping.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Heart Is Breaking

Second training session. Again with the 8am. You hurt me Team in Training.

We met at Movin' Shoes for a shoe fitting clinic. Some really good info there. I'm pretty sure my shoes are a size too small. Apparently, the too short shoes will make my toenails turn black and fall off my foot. I'm a big fan of the pedicures and the sexy/trashy red toe polish. Must address the toenail issue with a new shoe purchase.

We did 6 miles today which finished with a brutal hill. Actually, when we started the workout going downhill and I thought to myself, "This is going to suck eggs going up on the way home." It almost did.

Heather and I were standing at a stoplight at the base of the hill getting ready to start the climb. We were both wearing our TNT shirts as were a bunch of other teammates. We were right next to a Starbucks and I was gazing at the coffee shop with pure lust. Dear Venti Decaf Americano, show me your hot love. Suddenly, there was someone yelling at us - a woman in the Starbucks drive-thru had rolled down the windows on her SUV. "Thanks for raising money! My son has leukemia. Thanks so much! Wave honey, Wave!" And her son waved to us from his car seat.

Even thinking about it now my eyes tear. To be grateful for some stranger for trying to help your sick child. The hill just didn't seem so bad after that.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Starting Line!

Today was the first training session - 3 hilly miles.

All the teams - runners, walkers, triathletes met at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society headquarters at 8am. You hear me? 8 A M. That means in the morning. On a Saturday. Oh, sweet, sweet pillow, I miss thee.

The arrival was a mess of hard-to-find-parking and hard-to-find-your-event-team. Eventually, I found my team and listened to the orientation.

The workout was a bit harder than I anticipated. Not exhausting, but I was moving pretty fast (for me) and the hills were tougher than I thought they'd be. About halfway through they had a little comfort station with Gatorade, water, pretzels and Cheez-its. Man, I love me some Cheez-Its.