Saturday, April 10, 2010

My "New" Running Skirt

This week I went on an archeological dig into our garage to find some smaller sized running clothes.  In the last few months, I've lost over 30 pounds of fat.  (Yeah!)  The capris that I had been using for running  were just ridiculously big.

As I was digging through the Rubbermaid container of running clothes,  I rejected a bunch of things.  A few are still too small, but some I remember as problematic for extended workouts.  One shirt has a seam that chafes.  My adorable purple running skirt with the white shorties underneath?  Super-adorable before the workout.  However, when those white shorties get wet with sweat they are completely sheer. 

Today I took my gray, once-again-fitting Brooks running skirt out for a run around Lake Miramar. I remember buying this skirt and how much I loved the pockets.  Sooo cute.  There was something annoying about it, but I couldn't remember what.  When I started running, I thought I figured it out - the drawstring doesn't stay tied.  Annoying.

I don't run Lake Miramar often enough.  It's a perfect 5 mile loop around the lake. At mile 2.5, I realized it's not the drawstring that's the problem.  The shorties under the skirt,  they creep up.  Now maybe you're a lady whose thighs don't rub together.  My thighs rub.  Together.  With enough friction to cause a forest fire.

There are few things less welcome at the halfway point of a run than chub rub. I had 2.5 miles to go of walking like I'd just gotten out of the saddle.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Tips for New Runners - Avoiding the iPod Fumble

Ignore the picture in the iPod ads.  The proper place for headset cords is behind your body not in front.

On a short run, you don't notice the headphone cords.  On a long run, those cords can be an annoyance.  When you're tired, your arms tangle around cords which is annoying at best.  At worst, the iPod disconnects from your headset and gets yanked out of your pocket.  You're left wearing your tuneless headset and hoping that your iPod will jump up from the ground.  As my friend Debbie told me, "After mile 18, I won't bend over to pick up anything but diamonds or my car keys".  

Here is how you avoid this nonsense.  The headset cord goes behind your body.  Best option, loop the cord through you ponytail holder or the back of your baseball cap. That makes the cord very secure and it won't flop all over the place.  

Extra special benefit: with the headset secured in place, you can pop out one or both ear phones if needed.  Let's say, you run on a bike path.  It's nice to be able to pop out one ear phone so you can hear bikes coming up behind you.  Same goes for people who run along roads with high traffic.  For women running alone being able to hear someone coming up behind you is a safety issue.

Don't believe those iPod ads.  Cords to the back - it's the wave of the future!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Shake, Rattle and Roll

You might have heard we had a little earthquake on Easter Sunday.  Actually, it was a pretty good rumbler at 7.2.  Once again, I completely missed it.  I've felt exactly one earthquake in four years.  When that happened I was almost giddy, because I finally, finally felt one.

On Sunday, the earthquake happened while Steve was driving us home from LA.  As we rolling down the 405 freeway, Steve asked me if I thought we were getting a flat tire because he felt some vibration. Steve pulled over and yes, we were getting a flat.  If we felt the earthquake at all, it was mixed up in all the tire vibration. 

After a quick call to AAA for a tire change, we were on the way home. The funny thing is that I have AAA, because every Easter my parents give a membership to their children and grandchildren.  We always got Easter presents; I was shocked to learn other kids only got candy and not gifts..  Whatever you grow up with it what you think is normal.  The gifts weren't big things, but useful things - socks,  clothes, AAA memberships.  When Steve and I started dating, I got him a AAA membership for Easter...because that's what you do.

As we were waiting for the AAA guy, I told Steve my parents would be really happy about this turn of events.  I've never gotten to use my Easter present on Easter Sunday.  Thanks Mom and Dad.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hurray for Hollywood

Steve and I headed up to Hollywood for the weekend.  Steve's a big film noir fan. The annual Noir City Film Festival was playing at the historic Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.  Going to a glamorous theater like the Egyptian makes you lament that all the new cinemas are just generic 20 theater cell blocks.  The Egyptian is such a special place to watch a movie.

Since we put this trip together at the last minute we didn't have a lot of hotel options.  We ended up staying at the Roosevelt Hotel.  The Roosevelt is the basis for the Hollywood Tower of  Terror ride at Disney World and Disneyland.  I love that ride; I've probably ridden it over a hundred times.  The interior of the hotel is eerily like the ride - even things like the fountain in the courtyard match the ride.  Every time I got into the elevator I got the creeps, 

We spent the weekend checking out the stars on the Walk of Fame, going to the films, shopping at Amoeba Music, and swimming in the hotel pool.  (The photo is one I snapped from the pool on my camera phone.) We also got to see some friends from the LA area which was awesome.

And of course, we made the obligatory stop at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.  It may be our new Easter tradition...Roscoe's.  I don't even want to think about how many workouts I'm going to need to do to sweat off that fried chicken.  It's so delicious that it's worth it.