Friday, November 14, 2008

Groundhog Day Race

It never changes. My race is Sunday. What makes me miserable in a race? Heat. Exactly how many races do I need to do in sweltering temperatures?

Let's read this warning from today's final pre-race newsletter email.

Pasadena Marathon
Final Pre-event Newsletter

Unseasonably high temperatures expected for this weekend can present some Race Day dangers which we are taking very seriously, and we implore our participants to do so as well.

The forecast is for 90°F weather. In case you've missed tearing a few pages from the old calendar - it's November. The average high in Pasadena is 74°F; the record high: 90°F (1949). Yep, I'll be doing a half marathon in heat that Pasadena hasn't seen in November in 60 years.

One day I'm just going to get it over with and do a race on the surface of the sun.


  1. It'll be cold in Dallas :-)

    Good luck on Sunday. I'll be sending good race thoughts your way.

  2. Could you send me a copy of that final newsletter? I have a blog related to the Pasadena Marathon at

    Good luck on your race, I posted all the precautions for heat the race but into effect onto my blog.

  3. Hi Dena - I just forwarded you the email.

    Oh, and I fixed that typo I had the block you quoted. Whoops, I shouldn't blog late at night.

    Thanks for the good vibes Roxie.