Thursday, September 23, 2010

Philadelphia Half Marathon

With all the prep for the triathlon, I haven't really run long distances lately.  That's a whoops because I had the Philadelphia Half Marathon on Sunday.  It's a shame this race got stuffed behind the tri, because I really love Philadelphia.  My family lives about an hour outside the city and this was a combo race trip/family visit.   This was also Steve's first trip to Philly and we did lots of tourist stuff.  We walked about 7 miles on both Friday and Saturday.  So much for pre-race resting.

The race was mostly a blur.  Here's what I remember...
  • Rocky theme playing at the start.
  • Running toward beautiful City Hall.  
  • Damn, it's humid.  Oh, there's the Liberty Bell. 
  • A course band plays the Rocky Theme.
  • It's so frigging humid that I'm wheezing. Stop running. Walking is good.
  • The Art Museum steps.  Fairmont Park.  Kelly Drive.  Boathouse Row.  Lots of shade to cool off.
  • Rocky theme on a boom box.
  • Think about TNT Honored Teammate Skip Gleavey.  His memorial bike ride is today.  Damn cancer.
  •  A drum circle plays the Rocky theme.
  • Hot, hot, hot.  Why is there no more shade?
  • Another runner gets hurt.  I run to next police person to send back help.
  • Course band plays the Eagles fight song followed immediately by Rocky theme.  It's official.  I hate Rocky and I hate his annoying theme.
  • Finish line.  Medal.  Kiss Steve. 

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  1. What? No Aqualung? That will be played at the Lehigh Valley Half I bet...