Tuesday, October 05, 2010

RNR San Jose Half Marathon

I applaud the San Jose Half Marathon for starting at an entirely civilized 8 AM.  If there's one thing I hate it's a race that starts at the crack of dawn.  A late start was especially good since we attended Steve's high school reunion the night before.  At a winery.  Yum and ouch.

San Jose is a pretty town with lots of nice residential areas, but the route was sort of boring.  One thing is that San Jose has lots of lovely trees.  All those trees made my allergies kick it up a notch and it was a snotty, snotty run.   I love trees. I grew up on a tree lined street and it was gorgeous.  Unfortunately, I was snotty every single day of my childhood.  Ask my mom, she'll verify.  The San Jose Half Marathon was the same thing - a constantly dripping, severely chafed nose.  Yuck.

I met some really nice women on the run.  (Dawn and Kirsten - I'm sorry I lost you toward the finish.  Email me and we'll hook up for the Denver race!)  It was a super fun run since I had buddies to run with who matched my pace.  That never happens for me and I loved it.With some buddies to run with, I kept my pace nice and consistent.  I didn't fade out in the final miles which was an improvement over the Philadelphia race.

Overall, a good race.  I'm targeting improving my time at both Denver (October 17) and Los Angeles (October 24).


  1. Thanks so much for your comment! I agree!!
    I'm now folllowing you too! One day I hope to run a marathon!!