Friday, November 19, 2010

Walk This Way

With my new job, I'm commuting from San Diego to Los Angeles more frequently.  The only sensible way to do that is via the train.  Something about being from the East Coast makes me love public transportation.  Even when I lived in car-centric Texas, I rode the train from Dallas to my job in Fort Worth.

After I disembark from the train, I have to walk about a mile in my business shoes.  (Usually with that annoying Sheena Easton Morning Train song stuck in my head.) I could take a second pair of shoes, but it seems like such a hassle.  Instead, I bought myself some nice wedges and I do the walk in those.  I've always assumed wedges weren't very comfy.  When we were kids, my grandmother bought my sister an extremely heavy pair of wedge shoes.  After of day of those shoes weighing down her legs she came home and solemnly told my mom she had polio.  I'm not sure how my sister picked polio, but my mom still laughs that my sister said that.

All that back story to say, yesterday I was walking to the train and tripped in my supposedly-comfortable wedge shoe.  I twisted my ankle something fierce.

Damn.  No running for me this weekend.

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