Thursday, January 06, 2011

These are not resolutions...

While I said I didn't have any resolutions, I do have some stuff I'm working on these days.

Fitness:  I'm gearing up for the Ironman training season.  That training doesn't really start until late February which  means I've got about 7 weeks of "not-sure-what-I'm-supposed-to-be-doing-fitness-wise."   After the Las Vegas race in early December, I gave myself complete rest.  Complete. Rest. The couch is almost bolted to my butt.

Rest is boring. I've got 7 weeks to do something.  I decided on a mix of Insanity cardio workouts and heavy weights.  The best thing I can do to prep for Ironman training is to get my weight low (thx Insanity) and my strength rebuilt (weights).   My lower body is still strong but my upper body strength is nowhere near what it once was.

I hit the first Insanity workout yesterday and I was gasping for air.  Its a killer workout and I love it. Today I ordered myself some adjustable weights. Because our house is tiny, it drove Steve nuts  that I had a big bin of dumbbells cluttering the place. In the interest of home harmony, the big bin o'dumbbells is replaced with one set of adjustables.  And secretly I've wanted this set of adjustable weights for a long time.  I've looked at them longingly online and at sporting goods stores, but I didn't want to spend the money.

Nutrition:  Steve and I agreed to eat at home more this year.  Last year, especially when the job stress was huge, we just gave up on cooking.  Between travelling and working long hours there was no time to plan meals or purchase groceries.  Our fridge had condiments and fruit.  When we got home from work at 7 or 7:30, it was all we could do to pick a restaurant.   It was a big waste of money and time.  Plus, it's hard to make good nutritional choices in most restaurants.

This year, I'm trying to plan menus and shop once a week.  I love to cook; it's the menu planning that's such a nuisance.  I don't normally cook using a recipe, I'm more intuitive about how to combine flavors. It's hard to stand in the grocery store on Sunday and anticipate what I'll be inspired to cook on Thursday.

This week I tried one of the popular menu planning websites.  I purchased a membership and everything.  After two nights of awful dinners, I had to call and request a refund.  Monday night's dinner recipe was sort of bland, but okay.  Tuesday night's dinner was the worst thing I've ever cooked.  I ended up tossing most of the sauce and adding a lot of wine and garlic.  (Wine and garlic being the universal cure to bad entrées.)

So the fitness stuff is well underway, but it's back to the drawing board on menu planning.

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  1. I have that meal-planning creativity problem too and I also once tried subscription plans and I finally realized that recipes (anything with more than 3-4 ingredients) are enemies of weight loss and time anyway.

    Our weekday meals are generally protein + 2 servings veg or 1 veg 1 legume. Sometimes there is some kind of cheese, also. It might be Fiesta Style or Kinda Curry or Things On The Grill, so it's not like a dire march of unseasoned food or anything, it's just not elaborate.

    The shopping list is 2-3 proteins, fresh vegetables, and dairy plus canned and frozen staples to top up supply. I get to pick what I make each day, but from a limited range of options. Thursdays can be a little grim, when you're stuck with that thing you didn't really want all week, but I might do something splurgey with cheese or rice then.

    I kind of had to talk myself down from the idea that every meal must be a party and I must always be allowed to express my culinary soul. And I can still make chicken, zucchini, and black beans taste better than a dozen Quick Meals For Busy People recipes.