Monday, July 09, 2012

Double Digit Mileage - Oopsie!

I took the last two weeks off from running for a trip to South America.  I packed my running gear, but there was so much to do that running took the back seat to drinking wine and eating beef.  I don't know how the people of Argentina and Chile stay so thin since they have so much yummy food and wine and they consume it in USA-sized quantities.  I know how Europeans stay slender: portion control.  South Americans seems to eat big, eat late and drink all day.  They have some miracle metabolic gene while I have a fatty-fatty-bombalaty gene. (I started posting trip stuff at:

This Saturday, it was time to pay the piper.  I was a bit behind on my training calendar and needed to do an 8 miler.  Since I hadn't run that distance in awhile, I decided to do the ultra-flat bay loop.

Here's the problem with doing the bay loop.  It's boring.  Buh-buh-buh-boring.  When I'm driving to the bay, I can see the highway exit for my all-time favorite run in San Diego: Sunset Cliffs.  From the name, you can deduce it's a hilly run with some 10-14% grades.  Despite my distaste for hills, I cannot resist the beauty of that run.

It was a challenge, but I felt really good and ended up tacking on two extra miles.  Felt good, but my quadriceps where screaming on Sunday.

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  1. Just discovered your blog, I caught the running bug recently and will be moving back to San Diego county from Chicago here in a few weeks- I cannot wait to have year long outdoor training again (I have been running now for 2 months and the thought of having to run a treadmill for 4-5 months out of the year makes me so sad!)

    Love the blog and can't wait to poke around a bit more!