Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Starting One, Completing Another

Last Saturday, I started training for the Nike Women's 26.2. This is a whole new Team In Training experience - new coaches, new teammates, new training system. When I got to the training session, I found out that I was supposed to take some time off after the marathon. They said that the rule of thumb is 1 day/mile for endurance events. Who knew? Truth be told, I only went to training because we go out to breakfast after training and I really wanted some pancakes.

On Sunday we had our celebration for our TNT marathon and half marathon finishers. That was the final wrap up of the Spring TNT season. It was a great party, but it was sad to think that some of those people won't be part of the next training session. I'll miss seeing them every Saturday. Of course, it's hard to keep raising money so I suppose lots of people can't participate more than once or twice.