Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Workout Interactive

I'm in the post marathon funk. Everyone warned me that it would happen, but still - bleh.

To increase the funkiness of my mood, the TNT coaches aren't letting us train very hard. I understand that this is for my own good. I understand that this is to prevent injury. On the other hand, going at such a low intensity and short distance chaps my hide. My friend Don runs a marathon every three weeks. I think I can handle a five mile walk. A good intense workout would make me feel much happier.

The other thing is that I like to go out to breakfast after training. If I only walk a few miles then I haven't earned the heaping pile of pancakes. Really, you know it's all about the pancakes.

So here is where we get interactive. Help me pick a new cross-training workout. I already do some lighter weight training. Pilates and yoga are good, but I'd like something a bit more metabolically zippy. Learning to golf is still a possibility, and that seems to be a lot of walking around anyway. Kickboxing, treadmill, gym based stuff are all yucky to me. Is anyone doing anything fun to work out? Any suggestions for something fun, possibly communal? Suggestions welcome.


  1. Mia Hamm played soccer for the sodas, you can train for the pancakes. Motivation is motivation!

  2. is drinking beer and watching movies a workout? cause its working for me!

  3. kayaking or Canadian Canoing.
    Congratulations on your marathon success!
    Don't forget to build another target into your life.