Friday, March 07, 2008

Film Festival Brush with Fame

Tonight Steve and I went to see two films at the San Diego Latino Film Festival. Both films were good, butI really loved El Viaje de la Nonna. The film was mostly in Spanish which I can almost understand. It's tough for me to understand colloquial Spanish, but movie Spanish is usually decipherable for me. Every once in awhile, I'd think "Man, I'm doing great understanding this!" Then I'd realize that the movie had shifted from Spanish to Italian. It was the Italian parts I understood without subtitles.

Between films I mentioned to Steve that I thought the actors in El Viaje de la Nonna were really captivating, especially Julio Bracho. Guess who sat in front of us at the second film, Saneamento Basico Filme? Julio Bracho.

I attempted to tell him that I really enjoyed his film. After one faltering sentence in Spanish, I repeated it in English. He said thanks in both languages too. I really happy that I repeated myself in English - in Spanish I probably told him I enjoyed the dog or something equally idiotic.

After 12 years living in Spanish speaking cities, I still struggle to communicate.

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