Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Suddenly, it was 1988

We went to see The Police Reunion tour last night. Wow, just wow. We hung out on the lawn for a song or two, then migrated to a box for most of the show. Reunion tours can be a dicey proposition, but The Police did it just right. Just the three of them - no additional musicians or back up singers. It was a lean, pure production - very simple stage, simple lighting - with the music just pouring.

I didn't realize it until we got to the venue but Elvis Costello opened the show. I love me some Elvis (Costello and Presley). Elvis did a great set, especially Sting coming out to duet with him on Allison.

As it often happens, one thing is a microcosm for another. Watching the show I couldn't help but note the impact of fitness on the artists.

Elvis Costello is 53. He looks like this - kind of, well, lumpy.

Sting is 56 and a long-time proponent of fitness, yoga and healthy diet. He looks like this.

Both Sting and Elvis are looking a bit scruffy with the beard, but check that bicep on Sting. I would not describe him as lumpy unless by lumpy I meant delicious.

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