Sunday, May 25, 2008

These Are The Problems Of Living in Paradise

It's been cool and damp here since Friday morning. It's not something we really deal with in San Diego and everyone has been pretty short-tempered about it.

Steve got us seats to the Padres game Friday night. All Friday afternoon I worried that we'd be rained out; I also worried that we wouldn't get rained out. It's a week before Steve's Century Ride and really did not want him sitting out in the cold wet weather for hours and getting sick. My enjoyment of Rock N Roll Marathon was killed by the fact I had food poisoning days before the event. Sick=dehydrated. Dehydrated=sucky endurance event.

We went and the game was played but we did have a rain delay mid-game. We were nestled into a spot in the ballpark where rain didn't really reach us. I felt a drip every minute or so, but that was it.

The rain delay was interesting nonetheless. The grounds crew pulled the rarely used tarp over the field and everything. The Padres have had 2 rained out home games in the last 25 years. The tarp doesn't even have a logo printed on it. I guess they figured you can't sell advertising on a tarp that gets used in front of spectators once every decade or so. You could tell the ground crew was pretty excited to get to pull out the tarp in front of the fans. This is it boys! This is the moment we've practiced for! This is "The Show". Imagine the disappointment of the grounds keeper who called in sick that night.

The other thing was they were completely unprepared for what music to play during the rain delay. It started with Clint Black's "Like the Rain"and ended two songs later with Milli Vanilli's "Blame It On The Rain". Milli Vanilli was met with confusion and then a collective groan. After that they gave up and put the Dodgers game on the big screen. I think we were all relieved, because I'm pretty sure "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" was next.

But that's San Diego for you. We are completely unprepared for rain - we don't have a logo on our tarp and our rain delay soundtrack is from 1990.

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