Thursday, March 19, 2009

Disney Princess Half Marathon - Finishers' Party and Hidden Mickeys

After the race, Disney hosted a finisher's party at Disney Hollywood Studios amusement park. The park was closed with the exception of finishers and their guests. The park probably had less than 4,000 people in it. Normally, it would have about 20,000 people. There were no lines at all. It was awesome, because it is my favorite of all the Disney parks.

I did end of waiting at my favorite ride, the Tower of Terror - not due to a line, but due to a miscommunication with Debbie. As I was waiting, I met one of the Disney cast members and asked about the hidden Mickey's in the ride. He was incredibly well informed. He told me about the history of the ride and all 14 hidden mickeys in the ride. I'd already found 2 of them, but the others were a surprise. I've probably been on that ride 100 times in both Florida and California - searching for the hidden Mickeys every time. Somehow I missed 12 of them.

Just for fun, I'll give you an easy one. Can you find the hidden mickey on the concierge desk at the Tower of Terror? I shot this photo to make the hidden mickey easy to find.

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