Monday, March 23, 2009

Race Notes: Pasadena Half Marathon (Now With Extra Drama)

This was the Re-do of the Inaugural Pasadena race. The race was scheduled last November. Unfortunately the race was canceled a 4 am the morning of the event due to poor air quality from the wildfires. I was disappointed for the competitors, but also for the race organizers. The organizers, a community non-profit, had tried to put on a great, high quality event only to be snuffed out by a natural disaster. A lot of competitors were pissed especially since the event didn't have cancellation insurance and couldn't refund entry fees. However, runners who were willing to try again were given a steep discount. (Lets keep this in perspective. Some people lost everything they owned in the wildfires. A race entry, while annoying, isn't that big.)

For the re- inaugural, I paid extra to pick up my race number on race morning. Last November, I very nearly missed picking up my race number when we got caught in the wildfire evacuation traffic. It's good that I paid for race morning privileges this time. Running to catch the Amtrak to Pasadena, we were confounded by a convertible roof that got stuck halfway up. Then when we changed trains in LA Union Station, Steve's wallet got lost or stolen. We finally made it to Pasadena long after the race expo had closed.

The race was challenging because it was rainy, windy and chilly. There were times when the race conditions were miserable, but there were also some really nice miles. The course was slightly hilly including a steady climb for miles 8-10. I had a little stomach ache and decided to stay off my beloved raisin nut trail mix on the course. I ended up finally using the Shot Blox I've carried in my race belt for the last 18 months. My tummy held up and I had plenty of gas to the finish. Along the course, there were a few spectators and some truly valiant volunteers. As I rounded the bend to the finish, Steve was waiting. It was awesome to see him at the finish line.

Steve and I spent the afternoon walking around the art collections and gardens of the Huntington Library. We barely covered half of the place. I was telling Steve that I wanted to come back and see the rest, but we haven't had much luck in our two Pasadena trips - wildfires, storms, lost wallets. He laughed and reminded me that we had three trips to Pasadena. The third trip was also a misadventure. Pasadena just doesn't like us.

Congratulations go to the event organizers - they did a great job and this was the quality event they envisioned. You'll have to pardon me if I don't show up for next year's race. After wildfires and storms, I'm worried the third race might have a swarm of locusts!


  1. You have some pretty unique experiences girl. Did you locate the missing wallet? Congrats on the run!Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa - Nope, the wallet is still MIA. :(