Friday, April 10, 2009

Life in San Diego Gets Even Better

Sonic Drive-In has opened in San Diego. Did you hear me? Sonic is here. My friend Denise lives near the Sonic and she reports the line goes around the store and down the street. I don't care. I'm am soooo there.

My dear Sonic, I've been waiting for you. Chili cheese dogs, onion rings and my favorite - the Diet Cherry Limeade made with real limes and extra cherries. Oh yes.

If we ever get a Whataburger my life will be complete.


  1. hooray!

    I just found out they are opening one near me at the end of this month. You should have seen my happy dance! :)

  2. Don't forget you like your Limeade with the sugar free cherry flavoring. Don't let them punk you with some sugar cherry stuff. Hahahhaah

    Congrats on the acquisition of flavor greatness in your hood.


  3. You have Sonic AND In-and-Out. Your life is sweeeet!

  4. What better way to celebrate a great run than a #2 combo.