Monday, May 11, 2009

Vacation - Destination 3, Lost Coast

I love it in this part of Northern California. The weather was cranky with rain and cold right up to race day. We made a stop at Target so I could buy cold weather gear for the race.

We spent a few days with our friends at the Gingerbread Mansion Bed and Breakfast. It was great to meet up with Debbie and Ellen. Of course, by this point in the trip, Steve and I were ready to just lay back and enjoy. We didn't really "do" anything. One day, we visited agate beach and I collected a bunch of beautiful pieces of agate that had been smoothed by the sand and ocean. Weird things like that are always my favorite trip souvenirs.

Steve and I also took a long drive from the redwoods to the lost coast - long drive, short distance. The terrain is pretty rugged and the roads are twisty. It's the reason it's called the "lost" coast. It was too rugged to develop with highways and such. The funniest part was the cows that were grazing right along the shoreline. No wonder California has happy cows, they live on the beach. (Of course, they are probably complaining about the cost of living here too.)

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