Sunday, May 17, 2009

Welcome Home Baby

For the last two weeks, I'm been obsessively following the Briant Rodriguez abduction case. I've been checking Google news almost hourly. It's been most frustrating when there was no new news for a few hours. A missing child is a ticking clock.

The case has been a bit personal for me. First, I worked with victims of violent crime for two years. I've never really gotten over it; I check all my door locks several times before going to bed . Second, Briant looks a lot like my beloved nephew - same age, same big brown eyes, same long curls. My family commented on the resemblance too and we were all a bit freaked by it.

Hey, I'm not stupid. I know that there is something hinky in this case. There's a motive that we don't know about yet. I don't care. Briant is safely home, thank Heavens. Hopefully, he's not too traumatized. Hopefully, he was well cared for during the last two weeks.

Here is the thing that I found funny in the post-recovery press questions. Someone asked if Briant escaped or if he was released. I reiterate - HE'S THREE. Yes, he definitely escaped. He managed to disarm and incapacitate two armed criminals and slip off into Mexicali. Hey, when they picked him up, he was trying to decide if he was going to hitchhike or get a bus home to San Bernardino.

Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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