Sunday, July 05, 2009


The day after the Seattle race, Steve and I woke up to hear the theme from Baywatch playing outside our hotel window. Over and over and over again. There are tons of things I want to hear the morning after a race. Things like "Breakfast is served" or "The massage therapist will be here in 5 minutes". A solid half hour of the Baywatch theme on endless repeat isn't really my cup of tea.

We looked out the window to see the Gaywatch. Interesting. A quick call to the front desk told us that the Seattle Gay Pride parade would be passing right by our hotel.

Cool, I like a parade. We went outside to watch and it was the oddest gay pride parade I could imagine. About a quarter of the groups were from churches and social service agencies, another quarter were from corporations and small businesses, then there were the political candidates. That left a few spots open for actual gay people.

There was also a very tiny crowd of spectators. Steve and I were right at the start of the route and I hope there were more spectators downtown. It seems a little bit of overkill to have an entire gay pride parade just for a straight couple like us.

There were certainly a few very amusing floats. But my favorite part of the parade might have been this guy. Follow your own weird.

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