Sunday, July 19, 2009

Test Run

I took my new running shoes out for a very light test run/walk yesterday. I've been putting off breaking in some new kicks for almost 2 months. New shoes aren't something you change right before a race. First, it was too close to the San Diego race, then too close to the Seattle race. I would have put it off until after the Chicago race, but my current sneakers are completely destoyed. There's no cushion left; it's sort of like running with bricks laced to my feet.

Friday, I stopped by the San Diego Running Institute and picked up a new pair of Mizunos. Since my next real run will be the Chicago half marathon, I had to make sure the new shoes aren't going to give me blisters or arch pain or make me take a hostage by mile 9.

As a test drive, I ran a bit, but mostly walked from Mission Beach to Pacific Beach and into La Jolla. The course took me right along the coastline and it was lovely and breezy, just perfect really.

I snapped this photo from the trail because I thought the shadows of the palm trees were kind of cool. I wonder why people live anywhere but here.

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  1. From a Chicagoan, good luck in the half Marathon! I will be training myself, albiet for some different athletic persuits.

    To Your Health!
    James Reno (editor)