Friday, December 11, 2009

Hot 100 - Update 9, Steady Burn Edition

It's weekly check-in time with South Beach Steve's Hot 100.

Weekly Goals


No wheat or potatoes Sunday – Thursday.

Not prefect, but okay.
Hill or Interval training every week.

Skipped it this week since I was recovering from Sunday's race.
Each week do 2 sessions each of Upper Body and Core.

Missed some core work.

Year End Goals


Prepare to run a personal best at either the San Antonio or Las Vegas Half Marathon.

Well, I didn't PR but I was really well prepared for the race.

It was super cold on race morning, in fact it was below freezing at the start.  I went out too fast and I was too cold which made my hip cramp for the entire race. Normally I manage my race pretty well, but I just was ready for the cold.

My goal was to prepare for a PR.  Between the chill and the cramp I didn't run comfortably, but I was well conditioned for the race.  I count this as a victory.

Lose 15 lbs (bumped up from 10)

Missed weigh in this week. Probably holding steady.

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  1. I would say with the last race under your belt, you are entitled to a little bit of a slack week. I am sorry to hear about the cramping during the race. Perhaps, if nothing else, you have learned something that will help next time.