Thursday, February 04, 2010

So Close

Hopped up on the scale fully expecting to reach a big weight-loss milestone.  Today I was supposed to have lost 10% of my starting body weight.  Losing 10% of your weight is huge.  It lowers your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and muffin-top jeans.  I've been really careful with my nutrition plan - especially in the last two weeks while I've been waiting for my ankle to heal. 

Hop up on scale.  Prepare for awesome.

The instructor gave me the fake happy, "Great job! You lost!"   I asked her if I'd hit 10% and she said, "Nope. .2lbs to go."  What?  Point 2?  Less than a quarter pound? Couldn't you round up? She asked if I had on any jewelry or a belt.  No, of course I've removed that stuff.  Did I have spare change in my pocket?  What is this the first time I've ever weighted in?  I've taken off jewelry, gone to the bathroom, worn my lightest weight shoes. There is nothing left on my body that isn't required for public decency. All that to be mocked by .2 pounds.

It's like a marathon.  When ever anyone asked me how far I ran, I'd say 26 POINT TWO miles.  I wanted credit for completing those last two tenths.

Ah well.  Next week.


  1. You get a big old congratulations from me, point 2 or not. Losing 10 percent is awesome. Good job.

  2. GREAT job! This is huge. I know you've worked really hard. Feel good!