Sunday, February 13, 2011

The End of the Off-Season

It's been radio silence here for the last few weeks, largely because I indulged in a  true off-season.  The reason I've never taken a few weeks off is that I was  terrified I'd  never restart running.  I simply would lack the discipline to go through the aches and pains of developing my mileage.  This year was different. Once I took off my sneakers after the Las Vegas Half Marathon I did not run again for 10 solid weeks.

The off-season was partly due to the holidays, house guests, 2 bouts with upper respiratory infections, and wedding planning.  Whatever it was, I was did not workout much at all in December. In January, I hit the weight room with a vengeance, but still no running. I love to lift weights and for the last few years lifting has usually been pushed off my calendar by running or biking or something.

Here's the funny thing.  The first two or three weeks, I felt incredible guilt if I saw someone running.  I didn't want to run; I just felt profoundly guilty.  Then I had a few weeks of not noticing running at all.  It was as if running didn't exist.  Finally, last week I saw someone jogging along and I thought - I wanna run!  I'm ready!

And just in time.  I started my triathlon training on Saturday with a light 5 mile run.  It was mostly fun except for 1 nasty uphill.  I had lost a bit of my running speed and endurance, but I felt strong.

Cheers to the off-season and cheers for getting back into my sneakers.

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  1. It's nice to come back with a renewed spirit. I think that's what the off-season is designed to do. Good job!