Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reassess and Move Onward

Since I began this training plan, I've missed 4 workouts.  That's not bad for 7 weeks.  Well, except that 3 of those workouts were in the last week.

What happened?  Last week we were in Lake Tahoe on Sunday which is the day I normally map out my training sessions on my weekly calendar.  I traveled directly from Tahoe to work at my LA office on Monday and Tuesday.  That meant I never got around to scheduling  my training sessions until Wednesday.

Considering that I worked for Day-Timers and have read every time management book on the planet, I sure suck at managing my calendar.  My work requires that I spend a lot of time in meetings.  If I don't block out time then every morning, lunch and evening will be filled by an appointment.  If I want to have 2 consecutive hours available to train I need to protect that time.   Duh.  This isn't quantum mechanics.

Lesson learned.  Training happens when schedule it.  It doesn't miraculously fit into may day.  As much as I hate schedules, I need to plan.

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