Sunday, April 08, 2007

An Easy 12.5 Miles

Yesterday's walk was actually very easy and comfortable. The weather was cool, deliciously cool perhaps even crisp. This was probably the easiest session of my marathon training. I think it was a combination doing a better job following the training schedule, drinking re-hydration fluids instead of water, eating a few extra carbs and that blissfully cool weather.

This wasn't my training partner's best week. She'd been sick and missed some key training time over the last 2 weeks. The last few miles of Saturday's session she was dragging. I absolutely recognized the signs of it and empathized. It's a bitter workout when you try to get back into swing of training after an unplanned break. I also remember that a few weeks ago, she pulled me through the canyon on that walk I absolutely hated. We cut our walk a bit short so that she could recover.

To celebrate we went out for our traditional enormous post workout breakfast. I had a peanut butter cup pancakes which were pure yummy gluttony.

All in all, I'm hoping that the race is on a very cool day and that yummy breakfast foods are available at the finish line.