Saturday, May 19, 2007


The body is a weird thing. Last Saturday was the 20 mile training walk. I felt absolutely fabulous after that. I had scheduled a 90 minute sports massage for Sunday because I thought I'd be sore, but I was feeling great.

Then it all collapsed. On Tuesday, Gretchen and I went for 6 mile walk on Mission Beach. (This time I did see the dolphins and they were fabulous - jumping out of the water and playing by the surfers.) Maybe 4 miles into the walk the arch of my foot started really hurt. No idea why, but it's still bugging me a bit.

Today we were scheduled for a light 12 mile workout. About two miles into the distance I started to think that something was in my shoe. It was like a little pebble or something rubbing my heel. I tried to empty out my shoe, but I couldn't find anything. About a half mile later, it was really bugging me. I took off my shoe. Then I pulled down my sock. The entire back of my heel was one huge blister.

I should have stopped then. Instead, I walked another seven miles - including about two miles in my socks because my sneakers were killing me. I finally had to give in and get a ride.

This failure to complete the workout has me completely and unreasonably peeved. All these training sessions and I've never given up on a session. The fact that a blister managed to stop me chaps my hide. Since I stubbornly insisted on walking seven more miles after I found the blister the entire back of my heel is shredded.

Furious. Absolutely furious. At least I put some of that energy to good use. On the way home I stopped by Mission Hills Nursery. My Saturdays are always taken by marathon training. Therefore, my yard has been looking deplorable because I never got around to putting in anything in the flower beds. Instead they've been big plots of dirt. Today I picked up some compost and a bunch of plants - dianthus, tricolor convolvulus, phlox, impatiens, asters, and dahlias. I love dahlias - they're such a showy flower.

Gardening is hard work. First I improved the soil with the compost and gypsum. Then I planted. And planted. And planted some more. Finally, I hacked back the geranium that had grown to a comically large size. I'm talking 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide; you've got to love that Southern California endless growing season.

A few more crappy workouts and my yard will look fabulous.