Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Note to Friends and Family - I'm Safe

Friends from all over the place have reached out to me today to find out if I'm okay. My family and most of my friends are from far away from Southern California. They aren't familiar with the area and it's hard to tell if I'm in the path of the wildfires. I'm not. My house is North of the Southern fires and South of the Northern fires. I'm not near the evacuation zones and I'm not worried about fires damaging my home.

From what the local news is saying, there are plenty of supplies for people in shelters. At some of the shelters they have more volunteers than evacuees. That's good news - people want so desperately to help their neighbors. I took some pet food over to Fiesta Island where they are sheltering animals for evacuees.

Of course, I'm heartbroken for my friends and for strangers who've evacuated or lost their homes. It seems that a lot of my co-workers, friends and TNT teammates live in evacuated areas. It's hard to watch. If there's something you can do, then you should do it.


  1. Thank you for the update. I'd been thinking of you and your city.

  2. Great to talk to you the other night, too and good luck today in IRELAND!!!