Sunday, October 28, 2007

Race Notes: Dublin

  • My race nutrition wasn't exactly correct. I used 2 energy gel, plus 1 bag of Luna moons and 1 bag of Sport Beans. Also, I had some biscuits and a Mars bar from spectators on the course.
  • Always take a gel at mile 24. I need that last burst of fuel to make it to the finish.
  • Luna Moons are satisfying to eat, but they aren't the best course nutrition. They are slightly too large to eat and breathe. Sports Beans are fine for this.
  • Gels are best, but Beans are good too. Beans are more satisfying to eat.
  • Hills are slow because my form falls apart. It's not my cardio capacity, it's my form.
  • In cold weather my throat gets frozen/dry. It feels like really uncomfortable. Chewing gum might help here.
  • I felt good all day, except for a bit around mile 12-13. I had a negative split, but I was tired for miles 25-26.2.
  • No more carrying the camera. I forget to take photos anyway. If I didn't take any in Dublin I won't take them anywhere.

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