Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October? How Did That Happen?

It's October. The Nike Half Marathon is less than 3 weeks away; Dublin is less than 4.

We're coming to the end of this season of Team in Training - which I should have noticed due to the increasing mileage. Last Saturday we did 18 uneventful miles. Somehow September (and August) slipped right by me.

Actually our Saturday mileage is increasing, but our weekday mileage is already in the back-down mode. Last night we did 3 miles in the park. The entire Monday night crew was itching to go farther, but that's back-down for you. Tuesday night is normally our intervals session at the lake. Unfortunately, the sun is setting earlier and they're closing the trails earlier too. That means we can't do that walk again until the springtime. I'm really sad to lose our walk at the lake; it was probably my favorite.

Not to get all misty, but I'm really sorry to see this season end. I'm excited about the two events, but I'd love for my time with this group of teammates to continue. Of course, I probably won't miss hauling up the Laurel Street hill every Monday (nearly a mile at the 22.5% incline. Whew!)

Kat sent this photo of the Monday night group. We always meet at this statue - for the photo we tricked her out with a TNT hat, jacket, bracelet, and water pack.

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