Saturday, December 08, 2007

Rose Bowl Half Marathon

It was a beautiful event and I don't think that's the 4 beers I had in the post-race beer garden talking. Steve and I weren't the fastest we've ever been, but we both loved the course even though it was 8 miles of uphill. Today, everything about the event was well done. Yes, the trails were muddy after two days of rain, but they were easily passable. The course volunteers were fantastic and supportive. It was one of the most lovely courses I've ever raced.

It was certainly a reward after yesterday's comedy of errors. Lets just say that getting to Pasadena was not a smooth journey. It culminated with Steve and I driving back to parking lot where we'd been 30 minutes earlier to find something that had fallen out of the car. Oh, and we were searching the parking lot in the dark and in the rain. It was an adventure.

Kudos to the event organizers for putting on a great inaugural race. And 3 cheers for allowing finishers to tour the Rose Bowl stadium. For a Big Ten girl like me, that was an extra treat.

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  1. Awesome! What a great thing to do together.