Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tony Testosteroni and the Spinners!

My Team In Training teammates have mostly been women. One thing about working out with women is that we are very, very supportive of each other. Are we competitive? Yes, but we want to see each other succeed. I don't want to crush my competitors; I want to beat them on their best day.

So it's with some amusement that I watch the men in my spin class. There are three men, all about 45, who compete without mercy. If one cranks up his resistance, then the other two crank theirs too. If one is doing stability work with one hand, then other two try for no hands. It's a constant battle for superiority. They aren't friends; they don't seem to know each other at all. They don't even do the smile, nod and chit-chat that the rest of us do before class. Make no mistake this is a battle for the alpha-dog crown collar.

Sometimes I see women who compete with other women to be prettiest. These women are obsessed with thinness, plastic surgery and botox. That makes me heartbroken. When I watch these three guys in my spin class, it makes me realize it's not any easier schlepping a penis. The boys are competitive too.

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