Friday, April 25, 2008

Bend to My Will!

Why won't the weather cooperate with me? I need to have Sunday be a cold, cold day. Everyone is faster when the weather is chilly.

The forecast?
San Diego, Sunday April 27, 2008


85° F | 58° F
Average High Temperature: 69° F
Record High Temperature: 86
° F

Yep, that 1 meager degree off the record high temp. Please, let there be wind.

Oh - and I just think this is so cool - there are always two cyclists who lead the pack of runners. The cyclists show the path of the course so that the lead runners don't get lost. Trust me, the pack would simply follow the leaders. It would be Moses in the desert out there. Any way, Steve is going to be one of the two cyclists this year. We may be the first couple in La Jolla Half Marathon history to have both the first and last finisher.

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