Monday, April 28, 2008

Revised - The 2008 Race Calendar

For the last few months I've been revising the 2008 race calendar. I added on a bunch of races mostly in beautiful places. Last year, when I'd consider a race I thought - is it pretty there? Now I only ask, is it flat?

It struck me that I hadn't mentioned all of the changes when I realized I had another race this weekend. On Sunday, I'm doing the Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon up in the gorgeous California Redwoods. At least I hear it's gorgeous. This will be my first trip there. This is strictly a girls trip and it should be a very, very slow "race". We're planning to stop and take pictures along the path. At the start of last week's race I told Marcy that I just wanted to get through La Jolla, but I was looking forward to the Avenue.

For 2008, I ended up dropping the only short distance races I had on my calendar, because I needed the longer miles to train for La Jolla. I'm also dropping my century ride, Disneyland and Reykjavík. I'm really bummed about missing Disney.. Nike Women's Marathon lost my interest when they went to a lottery system. It is a nice race, but it wasn't worth the lottery hassle.

Anyway, here's the new calendar - 13 medals is the goal for 2008. That's one more than I originally planned to accomplish.

January 20 Carlsbad Half Marathon ✔ Complete
February 3 San Francisco Half Marathon ✔ Complete
February 10 San Dieguito Half Marathon ✔ Complete
April 6 Carlsbad 5000 Hill training for La Jolla
April 13 San Diego Mud Run 5K Hill training for La Jolla
April 27 La Jolla Half Marathon ✔ Complete
May 3 Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon ✔ Complete
May 18 Bay Bridge Run/Walk
June 1 America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride
I didn't like bike riding in traffic
June 22 IronGirl 10K
August 3 San Francisco Marathon I'm going to run on the Golden Gate Bridge. Whee!
August 17 America's Finest City Half Marathon
August 23 Reykjavík Marathon Not enough vacation time available. :(
August 31 Disneyland Half Marathon Family wedding
September 6 Big Bear Half Marathon Added this one because Steve likes Bear Shaped finishers medal
September 13
Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon
September 28 Lake Tahoe Half Marathon Added just because it seems pretty.
October 12 Long Beach Half Marathon Added because it's a local event.
October 19 Nike Women's Marathon The Lottery was stoopid.
November 9 Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay Added because it's at Big friggin' Sur.
December 13 Rose Bowl Half Marathon

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