Tuesday, April 01, 2008

La Jolla - The Prep Work Continues

I'm starting to get a little worried about not completing the La Jolla Half Marathon within the required time frame for a medal. It's a hilly course and I haven't been training hard enough particularly on hills. Since this is the second race of the triple crown if I can't make it within the time frame, I'll be tanking on both the La Jolla medal and the Triple medal. That would be sucky.

The obstacle is that I have two more weeks of travel before the race. That always throws a wrench into my training schedule.

Really, I know that I can't get any stronger in the next 25 days. Also, I know I'm more than strong enough to complete the event. I'm worried that I may miss the finish time by a few minutes.


  1. I have every confidence that you can complete the project on time and on budget :-)

  2. Athletic ability comes in plateaus as you have probably realized by now. First you can hardly run a mile and then next it's all of a sudden easy to do two miles. Many times these plateaus come in competition. Go for it!