Monday, July 07, 2008

Calendar Management Skills Fail

I somehow managed to get behind on my training calendar and I haven't been doing enough running mileage to be fully prepared for San Francisco. Normally, I like to increase my long run by a mile a week. If I follow that plan, I'll have only run 10 miles before San Francisco. That's actually enough to do the race, but I really want to have 12 miles of running under my belt.

That means I need a more aggressive plan than bumping it up by a mile a week. Here's the new long run plan through the AFC Half Marathon in mid-August:
July 12 -9 miles (+2),
July 19 -10.5 miles (+1.5),
July 26 -12 miles (+1.5).
August 3 - 13.1 mile (+1.1). San Francisco Half Marathon
August 9 - 14.5 (+1.4)
August 17 - 13.1 (-1.1) America's Finest City Half Marathon

Of course, this is silliness. I can walk a full marathon. If I can't do the full distance running, I can always fall back on my walking to finish the race.

But I'll be really, really disappointed if I can't run the whole way.


  1. Found your blog due to America's Finest "search" and laughed for an hour. Hubby & I will be running this race in Aug. Would love to say hello. We're in N.E. Okla., but youngest daughter (26) is a transplant to San Diego about a year ago.

    No "google identity"....lisa

  2. Hi Lisa - You'll love AFC, by all accounts it's a beautiful run. I'm a Texas transplant; hopefully your daughter is loving San Diego as much as I am.

    We should meet before the race - there are a bunch of folks meeting. I'll post the location when we decide on it.