Monday, July 28, 2008

Rest Is As Important As Work - Duh!

Saturday I had my worst running performance since I began running. That's not an exaggeration; my legs could not run. After about 2 miles of slow shuffling, I had to walk/run back to my car. I cut off about 3 miles from my planned distance. There were a lot of reasons for my poor showing: dehydration, travel (round trip to San Francisco for a meeting on Friday), crappy nutrition on Thursday and Friday, lack of sleep. However, mostly I was simply over-training for the last week since I was trying to get ready for the San Francisco Half Marathon.

Yep, there were lots of reasons for Saturday's crappy run and I knew it. It was still a real confidence killer just a week before a race. I decided to rest Saturday and Sunday, eat more and gets lots of sleep. Hey, over-training isn't getting the job done. Maybe lying around the house like a slug will help.

Tonight I did my regular run up the 6th Avenue Hill of Panting. It was quite possibly, the best run I've ever done there. It was still tough, but I was able to go further, faster than I have in the past. I also bumped into the TNT walk crew after I finished my run. I joined them for 3 miles their walk, including the camelback hills. I jammed the camelback without even breathing heavy.

Turns out that the coaches are right - backdown is as important training. Rest achieves what over-training cannot.

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