Saturday, September 20, 2008

Like Job in the Desert

Today we did the train run/walk that we planned for 16 miles.

We hopped the Amtrak Surfliner train in Solana Beach and rode to Oceanside. Of course, none of us brought a map and instead we relied on our memory of the course to get us from Oceanside through Carlsbad then Leucadia then Encinitas then Cardiff by the Sea and finally back to Solana Beach.

All was okay until the group got separated, then it was just a wander of looking for each other. This included me backtracking for a mile to try to find everyone. I didn't ever find anyone and plowed along until Noel caught up to me. (And here I had been going as fast as I could because I was sure she and the rest of the crew had passed me.) Noel and I finished together, but she was definitely faster than I was.

All in all I ended up with 17 miles. Soreness may be my companion tomorrow. (Update: Not sore at all. My legs held up fine.)

Lessons learned:
  • Today, I carried trail mix and a nutrition bar which was much, much better than just my standard course nutrition of gels and sport beans. A bit of extra solid food really knocked out the bonking problem that I generally have at mile 12 or 13. From now onward, I'm carrying real food for long miles.
  • A course that spans five zip codes probably merits a map.

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