Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Super Hero Power

The technical support team in our office calls me the Human Magnet. They're not sure exactly how I do it, but I make hardware die. The average life of my lifespan of my laptops is less than a year. Like milk, my laptop hardware simply goes sour one day.

Admittedly, my laptops get very hard (ab)use. I'm pretty sure these hardware failures have something to do with my never turning the laptop off and with throwing the computer in my purse. See also, dropping.

I've been using one laptop for about 9 months or about as long as we expect one of these buggers to last for me. Yesterday, on midway through boot up I got a new screen - not the blue screen of doom, but a bright green screen of doom. Our tech team was stumped. They hadn't seen a green screen like that before and couldn't locate any documentation that referenced a green death screen.

That's my Super Hero Power - I slay hardware.

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