Monday, December 29, 2008

Superfeet, Not So Super

Last week, when the X-ray technician showed me the X-rays of my feet he said, "The right foot has a pretty large bone spur." My reply was, "Nifty, but it's the left foot that hurts."

Since this summer I've had problems with both of my feet. At the end of each race or workout, I'm limpin' and gimpin' on extremely tender tootsies. My plantar facsiae are irritable and those nasty facsaie have my heels aching whenever I run or jump. The X-rays where just to confirm that there aren't any broken or fractured bones. The bones are fine, even with the bone spurs.

When my foot problems first started, I had some Superfeet insoles custom made for my running shoes. Essentially they put your Superfeet insoles into an EasyBake oven to melt them, then the insoles are reformed around your foot. In theory, you should have insoles that precisely support your feet. People rave about Superfeet and I figured with custom fitting, they'd be perfect.

Except not. This weekend at training, I finally figured it out. It's the stupid insole that's the problem. I ripped it out of my shoe and ran with substantially less pain.

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