Friday, January 23, 2009

Cake or Pie

For years, we've debated which is better - cake or pie. We've covered all types of subtopics. Is cheesecake a cake or a pie?(pie since it has a crust and no frosting) Do muffins count? (yes, as cake) Are brownies cake? (yes) Cookies? (no) What about cookie cake with icing? (still no, and don't ask again) Boston Cream Pie? (cake) Quiche? (pie) Ice cream cake? (not cake) Pizza Pie? (not pie) Cobbler? (pie and YUM!)

I'm am firmly in the pie category. Cake to me is merely a method to deliver frosting in polite company. At home alone you can eat frosting directly from the spoon, but in public you need cake.

Today, I received some good news from my old pal Felicia, proprietress of the Black Buggy Baking Company. She left her Manhattan law practice to bake delicious pies full-time in Oley, PA. From lawyer to baker, talk about a move from darkness to light. It's National Pie Day!

Today, do your civic duty and eat some pie.


  1. Hi there, I'm doing a little fitness blog tour to promote my blog, Momtrends. This month is devoted to fitness. I've nabbed an exclusive interview with Gabby Reece:

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  2. I find this comment poorly place. (1) you've just discussed cake and pie, so perhaps 'fitness' is not in the forefront of your mind (2) You don't have anything to stroll to necessitate your needing to win a stroller.


    (I'm feelin' lucky, I've gotten hand delivery twice this month from the BBBC. Sugar cookies also are fantastic!)