Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's Your Theme

Roxie mentioned that her friend Meg is encouraging her friends to develop a theme for 2009.

I've been noodling that for a few days...what is my theme for 2009? Today I was trying to do several things at once: review some reports and make notations, handle text messages, skim 2 email accounts (work & mentoring email), chug a diet shake, listen to some Tosca since Steve and I are going to see the San Diego Opera's performance next week. (We've got season tickets this year which makes me happy when I think about it.)

Since I don't have a CD available, I had YouTube just rolling through all the Tosca clips. It was playing in the background and I was barely paying attention. Then I was blown away when the audio of Maria Callas singing Vissi d´arte started. Without thinking about it, I closed my eyes and just listened.

She is so perfectly dedicated to singing; she's 100% present in that moment. Her mind isn't wandering and she's not multitasking. She is there. When I stopped all the stuff I was doing and really listened, I was relaxed and happy.

That's my theme for 2009 - pick one thing, pick the right thing and just do that.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! It's amazing what living in the moment and doing only one thing can do for you. Good luck with your theme for the year. I think I will take a page from that and use it also. I am amazed at all you do. YOu seem happy where you are. Happy New Year and new theme to you and Steve.

    :) Monique