Friday, April 09, 2010

Tips for New Runners - Avoiding the iPod Fumble

Ignore the picture in the iPod ads.  The proper place for headset cords is behind your body not in front.

On a short run, you don't notice the headphone cords.  On a long run, those cords can be an annoyance.  When you're tired, your arms tangle around cords which is annoying at best.  At worst, the iPod disconnects from your headset and gets yanked out of your pocket.  You're left wearing your tuneless headset and hoping that your iPod will jump up from the ground.  As my friend Debbie told me, "After mile 18, I won't bend over to pick up anything but diamonds or my car keys".  

Here is how you avoid this nonsense.  The headset cord goes behind your body.  Best option, loop the cord through you ponytail holder or the back of your baseball cap. That makes the cord very secure and it won't flop all over the place.  

Extra special benefit: with the headset secured in place, you can pop out one or both ear phones if needed.  Let's say, you run on a bike path.  It's nice to be able to pop out one ear phone so you can hear bikes coming up behind you.  Same goes for people who run along roads with high traffic.  For women running alone being able to hear someone coming up behind you is a safety issue.

Don't believe those iPod ads.  Cords to the back - it's the wave of the future!

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