Thursday, April 08, 2010

Shake, Rattle and Roll

You might have heard we had a little earthquake on Easter Sunday.  Actually, it was a pretty good rumbler at 7.2.  Once again, I completely missed it.  I've felt exactly one earthquake in four years.  When that happened I was almost giddy, because I finally, finally felt one.

On Sunday, the earthquake happened while Steve was driving us home from LA.  As we rolling down the 405 freeway, Steve asked me if I thought we were getting a flat tire because he felt some vibration. Steve pulled over and yes, we were getting a flat.  If we felt the earthquake at all, it was mixed up in all the tire vibration. 

After a quick call to AAA for a tire change, we were on the way home. The funny thing is that I have AAA, because every Easter my parents give a membership to their children and grandchildren.  We always got Easter presents; I was shocked to learn other kids only got candy and not gifts..  Whatever you grow up with it what you think is normal.  The gifts weren't big things, but useful things - socks,  clothes, AAA memberships.  When Steve and I started dating, I got him a AAA membership for Easter...because that's what you do.

As we were waiting for the AAA guy, I told Steve my parents would be really happy about this turn of events.  I've never gotten to use my Easter present on Easter Sunday.  Thanks Mom and Dad.

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