Sunday, February 11, 2007

Eventually, It All Leads to Shopping

At Debbie's advice I decided to visit the San Diego Running Institute to purchase some new running shoes. Awesome experience.

First, let me tell you why I'm an idiot. I knew that they were going to measure my feet and instead of wearing some sensible trousers I wore a knee length skirt. A nice full skirt. The boy who fitted me for the shoes probably got a horrifying looksee at my blinding-white thighs. Eyes Down! Eyes Down!

They measure your feet, your instep, your arch. They ask your height and weight - I lied by about 10 pounds. You walk across this sensor mat that measures the pressure in your foot. According the SDRI - I have a very high arch and narrower feet. My tooties are a size larger than I want to buy. It's a big size that I won't even discuss. I made him remeasure 3x. Skis - my feet are practically skis.

At the end of all that, he brought me three pairs of shoes. Every single one of them was more comfortable than any running shoe I've ever worn. The Saucony Trigon 3 Guide was the most comfortable. Fabulous, fabulous shoe.

I also bought a Garmin 205m Yankz laces, and an RPI Stick. SDRI and lots of running stores offer great discounts to Team in Training so it wasn't too painful to my wallet. Eventually, it all leads to shopping.