Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Kingdom for a Physical Address!

I navigate San Diego by GPS. Always. If you ever need to move to a new city, buy yourself a Garmin for your car. You will never regret it.

Every week, the TNT team meets at a different location - that's cool since I'm getting to see a lot of San Diego on foot. Sometimes the TNT team meets at places where there isn't a physical address. We do always get directions. Without an address I can't use my GPS. Then I get lost. Normally, being lost doesn't bug me, but when I'm late it turns me into a rage-a-holic. (Add that to the fact, that it was 8 In The Morning. Why with the early, early morn?) I was sure I'd missed the team, but I got there in the nick of time.

Great walk around UCSD where I'm starting another graduate degree soon, so I was happy to get a chance to see the campus. Heather and I trotted out 8 miles. It was fun - we gabbed the entire way. Not so good for the pace, but great for the morale.

After the session, the team went out to Pacifica Breeze for breakfast. Let me tell you about the Brie Omelet. Actually, I can't tell you. You'd drown in your own saliva. It's that good. Brie Omelet will be the name of my first born daughter.

Tonight I meet Heather for a drink in Ocean Beach. And she very thoughtfully provided the physical address, BUT my Garmin couldn't find it. (Every once in awhile that happens and it irks.) I was super, super late, but I had a great time once I finally got there. What I love about bars here is that there's no smoking. It rocks.