Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bouncing, Swaying and Other Wasted Motion

  1. Plans for the October-Make-My-Own-Goofy are underway.

  2. With extra help and attention from Coach Marcy and Coach Peggy my form has improved in the last two weeks. Part of the problem is that my natural stride is bouncy - so my energy was going upward instead of forward. The other issue is that I wasn't rolling my hips correctly. They were swaying side to side which is a waste of energy. Forward, everything should be moving forward. It's hard to believe I finished a marathon with all that wasted motion.

    Coach Peggy explained the physics to me. Once I could understand the motion and the forces, I was able to change. Coach Marcy worked with to have some verbal cues and visualizations to help me recapture my form when I flounder. It's harder than you're thinking it is.

    All in all that's amusing. I've spent my entire life thinking that I'm too tall and my hips are too ample. My natural stride makes me bounce myself taller and sway my bottom wider.

  3. Changing my hip roll has made me realize my hips aren't as flexible as they were when I took dance classes. I'm still very flexible, but I'm not the Stretch Armstrong Action Figure I once was. For the next few weeks, I need to add some hip opening asanas to my yoga practice.