Saturday, August 04, 2007

Proposed Addition to the Marathon Schedule

Trying to select my January marathon has been a really difficult decision. The options are:
  • Carlsbad Marathon - If I select Carlsbad, then I can do the San Diego triple crown next year. The triple crown is Carlsbad, the La Jolla Half Marathon and the America's Finest City Half Marathon.
  • Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge - This is Disney World Marathon weekend. The Goofy is a half marathon on Saturday (the Donald), followed by a full marathon on Sunday (the Mickey). You put the Donald and the Mickey together and you've got the Goofy.
Here's the rub - Carlsbad and the Goofy are only a week apart. I can't do both.

I actually have this crazy idea for a make-my-own-Goofy for this October. I have an itch to do two events that are very close together. I'll have to think about my options there.


  1. Well, according to the website...Disney's reached maximum capacity on the registration, so Carlsbad seems like the one!

  2. Oh, I should have mentioned that part. TNT people can still enroll for the Goofy. It's closed to the general public, but spots for fund raising participants are available.

  3. Ah, the super secret Disney hidden Mickey clause...

    I'd have to go Disney on this one then...I'd be curious how their hospitality comes across in an event such as this.