Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why I Love San Diego, Part 1 of a Bajillion

It's always beautiful here and people want to be outside. Houses in San Diego are tiny, because a house is for storing your gear and sleeping. Why would you be inside when you could be outside? Have you seen our outside? It's awesome.

Last night Steve and I went to see some Laurel and Hardy silent films in Balboa Park. The films are shown at Spreckels Organ Pavilion. (Fun facts: It's the world’s largest outdoor pipe organ with over 4,500 pipes and it sounds amazing. San Diego has its own Civic Organist who gives free concerts each week.) The films were accompanied by a live organist as they would have been shown originally. If you've ever seen silent films, then you know how much the added music makes a difference. The films were very sweet, especially Putting Pants on Philip.

The Organ Pavillion seats about 2500. It was jam packed - as were all of the spaces around it. On a Monday night, a few thousand folks came out to the park to enjoy one of the world's great free public art spaces.

You can get dinner and a movie anywhere. Here you can have dinner under the stars, a silent movie festival, a beach blanket, a live organist and 3000 close friends to share it.