Thursday, February 21, 2008

Goin' Nowhere and Lovin' It

I'm still loving the weekly TNT spin classes even though it's a tough workout. There are lots of cool TNT'ers there. Some of the people are training for the century ride, but others are training for a triathlon. (Note to the Lavaman Triathlon - I'm coming for you in 2009.)

Spin is fun because I'm not worried about falling or gear shifts or disappointing my teammates. Riding the bike on the road has to become fun too. The key is to stop pushing myself outside of my comfort zone on the Saturday rides. From now onward, spin class is to build my strength and endurance. On Saturdays, my only job is to feel safe on the bike.

This is hard for me because I don't back-off well. After the ride on Saturday my mentor said, "You're fighting too many battles." He's right; I'm trying to learn too much at once. It's self defeating to think that I can start a new activity and be at the same level as people who have been doing this for years.

The world will not end if I ride a bit slower for a few weeks.

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